How to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio step by step

How to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio step by step

If you are searching for how to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio, It may sound difficult but this post will help you to guide with step by step process.

You can add a pre-recorded audio to your presentation from the insert tab or you Record a slide show with live audio recording with narration and slide timings feature of PowerPoint.

Watch this easy to understand Video Tutorial From Microsoft

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Step by step guide to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio:

Go to Slide Show Tab in your presentation and select Record Slide Show.

Choose where you want to start recording from (current slide or beginning).

You will see a new screen like presenter view.

When you’re ready, select the Record button at the top left corner. look at the timer and start speaking!

You can Pause, or stop it as needed. And if you’re done recording, you can replay it to check your process.

To record narration for a specific slide, go to it.

Remember, Narration won’t record during slide transitions. So let those play first before you start speaking when you change the slide.
And when you’re ready, select Record and start speaking again.

If you want to use the pen, highlighter, or eraser tool which is available there, it’ll be recorded as well.

If you want to remove timing or narration from your recording, just select “Clear” at the top right of the screen and choose what you want to take out.

When you’re done, save and share your presentation with others as a PowerPoint file or video. And your recording automatically plays when someone starts your presentation.


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